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Demo has found it necessary to have an advising center for Small businesses and entrepreneurs to attempt to assess their situation, diagnose their problems, and advise appropriate solutions. As businesses mature and profits increase, there are many needs that are better served by DEMO experts in the discipline. The ever-increasing complexities of information technology, management of finance, the tax code, intellectual property, and regulations, and other legal aspects surrounding a business can be very difficult to stay abreast of.

SMEs Innovation

We play a key role to SMEs when it comes to innovation, we are engaged in the development and commercialization of innovations. We help SMEs adopt innovations developed by other organizations, we provide ideas and inputs to idea generation that are exploited by large firms, universities/research organizations, and other SMEs. We help SMEs protect their intellectual property and boost productivity, earn licensing fees, get royalty and obtain a higher return on investment and efficiently manage their assets.

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