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  • Training

Demo Innovators and its methods for success. The root of these methods lies in training. Demo provides extensive hard and soft skills training ranges from general to specific to client needs at every level delivering capabilities ensuring human resource are self-sufficient after our engagement in business management from the product, promotion, price, distribution, communication skills, public speaking, presentation skills, sales management, business ethics, market management,  marketing intelligence and management of Intellectual Property assets. We ensure that the training is effective, outcomes are achieved on time, within budget, within client requirements, yet providing desired benefits. We bring our consultants from all the way together and are spokesmen for the company.

  • Development

Demo is hired by companies to develop employees by training them via seminars, presentations, and workshops that teach new skills and impart new knowledge. The result is improved employee productivity, higher employee morale, and increased employee loyalty.

  • Recruitment

Demo brings a high level of expertise to task finding the best person for a vacancy. Demo assists in attracting candidates, either by using their existing database of personal or by advertising. By utilizing Demo specialist recruitment services, knowledge, and experience to identify potential quality applicants for senior or highly specialized appointments in the market.

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