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Project Overview

Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)

Grievance Redress Mechanisms (GRM) is essential tool for facilitating Public to voice their concerns as they arise about the development activities and if necessary, for corrective action to be taken promptly. Such mechanisms are fundamental to achieving transparency and accountability in handling grievance issues.

The GRM is designed with the objective of solving complaints at the earliest possible time which will be in the interest of citizens, therefore implicitly resolves and discourages referring such matters to Head of State for resolution which would otherwise take an action over the management.

Problem Statement

Human rights are one of the key conditions for an individual or a community to develop well. All citizens should be allowed to exercise their basic rights irrespective of race, sex, national or social origin, religion, political or other views, and more, to live with dignity, freedom, equity, justice and peace. Government are considered as natural service provider of public citizen. Many of citizens everyday needs social service from the government, that government around the world often have the sole responsibility. Therefore, it is considered essential that process of grievance complaints be clearly defined and publicly available. But little has been discussed about the development of an integrated system to handle citizen electronic complaints.

DEMO Innovators, a Consulting company that has come up with an idea to help people voice their grievances and help government prioritize grievances of complains for resolution. To build a sophisticated platform system model that will trace and capture the importance of a citizen’s grievance while considering various areas, location, needs, groups and so on. The system will help government understand the problems better and then solve the same with elegance.

Project Ownership

The ownership of the project will basically transferred to the government through TAMISEMI after license agreement reached, DEMO Innovators Ltd is the founder and Consultant of this project willing to collaborate and transfer the ownership to government to establish a system that will help citizen communicate their grievance to government that will lead to achieve socio-economic development to our communities through a partnership pro-rata manner. The citizens will have the rights of using the platform and contribute to any innovation that could led to quality development.

Project Partnership

The Project entails entering into partnership agreement with any potential institutions, be NGO’s, International Organizations, academics or Private sector for the entire phase’s project to kick off.

Project Detail

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