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Project Overview


Many community regions around the United Republic of Tanzania struggle to obtain, or retain, a regional competitive advantage. Successful models rely on nurturing existing resources as a way of more clearly defining their identity.

Rorya district is one such community located in Mara region. It is bordered by Tarime district to the east, Butiama district to the south, the origin of the Father of the Nation Julias K. Nyerere, Lake Victoria to the west, and the united Republic of Kenya to the north. The majority of inhabitants are from the Luo tribe (community). Another ethnic group is Kurya. Kine, Simbiti, Sweta and Hacha are sub-groups within Kurya ethnic group. Rorya district boasts a diverse population of 265,241 according to Tanzania National Census, 2012 and it is divided administratively into 4 divisions, 33 Wards and 135 Villages, with a strong and stable community and accessibility. The economy of the Rorya residents depend on agricultural, livestock keeping, fishing, small industries and other resources that includes a number of arts and cultures.

For this project, the District Government sought guidance in determining the potential for developing and promoting Mara cultural heritage in Mara region in a, roughly, 20 hectares area alongside Lake Victoria/Mara river to be developed for educational, economic and tourism activities. It is evidently true that most of these unique and diverse cultural and traditional expression have not been promoted, in fact very little efforts has been done to capture and promote these inherited cultures across Tanzania and Internationally.

This Project will be very important source of income for the country and the community themselves who are devastated in the rural. However, they have nowhere to go or what to do, though have very good tangible and intangible cultural assets that might be explored for sustainable economic, social development and poverty reduction for the benefit of the entire community and the republic at large.

Project Detail

  • Client Name:
    Royra District Commissioner
  • Client Company Name:
    Mara Community Based Organization (MACOBO)
  • Project Start Date:
  • Project End Date:
  • Client Comment:
    Still under development

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