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IP Project

DEMO Innovators will be carrying out IP project on trademark utilizations by food and drug SMEs in Dar es salaam.

SMEs has encountered low level of knowledge for the management of Trademarks that hindered economic growth among local SMEs, which in turn contributes to low level of income, innovation and sluggish economic growth of Tanzania.

Tanzania legal system connection with Trademark matters, the SMEs are openly involved in doing business with unprotected Trademarks for their goods/services. SMEs are not well informed about the management of their trademark assets.

Although they are involved in the creation of works like names, logos, sound, colors, smell and designs, in most cases, these are done without knowledge on how to manage the rights inherent in such creations and inventions of Trademarks.

Objective of the Project

  1. To identify the gap available between IP agencies and SMEs.

  2. To provide training to SMEs on how to utilize trademarks efficiency.

  3. To encourage innovation in using IP (trademarks).

  4. To promote IP asset in our country.

The project is implemetated by DEMO Innovators with Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV).

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